After twenty years of tour management we know the little nuances to help make your tour a little easier. From your doorstep to a world tour and back again we handle every aspect from simple airport transportation to private jet. Understanding your unique travel needs helps set us apart.

Let us know your artists/crews needs and interests (special diet, hobbies, etc) and we can include relevant information in your itinerary for you to take advantage of each location you visit while saving time looking for them yourself. We know that time is an important commodity to you, so venue location to hotel is as important to us as it is to our clients. Certain features such as wireless internet, fitness centers as well as laundry are all researched thoroughly for each location. Of course with a rewards travel society you can just furnish us with your rewards information and we will make sure to include it wherever applicable. Custom travel arrangements and meeting our client’s most detailed requests are our specialty.

Do you need help or maybe just don’t have the time for all the red tape involved in travel visa procurements? Let our travel department handle your visa needs. We work with some of the best in this area and can handle all forms of entertainment travel and work visas. Expedited services available.

Rest assured that as a Tour manager, Manager or Artist that our travel department is available twenty-four hours a day to fulfill all your business travel needs.

  • Private and commercial Air
  • Coach Leasing
  • Car service and rental
  • Hotel and private residence
  • Pre production venues
  • Rail and Freight
Personal Travel

All work and no fun well you know the rest. We take vacation travel as important as all other aspects. Why not trust those that handle your business travel affairs to make sure that every detail of your visit to that secluded Caribbean island, ancient Asian village or bustling metropolis you enjoy so much goes the way it should. Let us know what you have in mind and any personal touches you are looking for and we will put together a package just for you and your budget.

Bucket List Travel

Have you ever wanted to base jump into one of south Americas mysterious caves? Climb a Pyramid? Ride a Motorcycle across Australia? Learn to fight a bull? Or anything else you can dream up let us know. With so many “interesting” requests from our clients over the years we are accustomed and have the resources to accommodate your most “out there” bucket list adventures. So get your pen out and get ready to cross one off the list and contact our travel department today with your “gotta do it someday” idea.